As you will see in our terms and conditions section despite the fact that we take every step possible to provide a secure and well maintaed facility all goods that are stored with us are at the sole risk of the storer and it is highly recommended that you take our insurance cover.

We have an excellent relationship with Tresidder’s Insurance Brokers (another proud local business) and they are more than happy to discuss insurance requirements with any of our valued customers. If you’d like to chat with them it is important to ask for Kristy (who is our broker) and say that you have been referred by Murrell Group to receive the very best package.

Kristy can be reached on either 0488 417 804 or

If you would like some help with your move we also recommend Michael from Get Moving Geelong.

These guys do a fantastic job (just check their google reviews!) and can be reached on either 0425 532 070 or